Owen and Palmer Limited

Environmental Policy


Owen & Palmer Limited recognises the potential environmental impact which may arise from its business activities and as a result will conduct itself in an environmentally and sustainably responsible manner at all times and will aim for continual improvement of its environmental performance.

Key Actions

Owen & Palmer Limited will:

Establish sound environmental management by: –

  • Meeting or improving upon relevant legislative, regulatory and environmental codes of practice.
  • Developing objectives that target environmental improvements and monitor performance by regular review.
  • Considering any environmental issues in the decision-making process.
  • Developing a relationship with suppliers and contractors so that we all recognise our environmental responsibilities.
  • Educating staff so that they carry out their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Provide for the effective use of resources by: –

  • Promoting waste minimisation by recycling or finding other uses for by-products whenever economically viable.
  • Promoting the efficient use of resources, energy and fuel throughout the organisation’s operations.

Co-operate with: –

  • The communities in which we operate.
  • The Government, regulatory bodies and other interested parties with the shared vision of being a good and trusted neighbour.

Reviews of the above and any other objective targets will be performed annually and managers and supervising engineers will ensure it becomes part of regular working routine.

Our environmental control procedures follow our Business Management System which is assessed annually against the Environmental Management System Requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 The scope of the registration is : ‘Electrical Contracting Engineers, Servicing Northern Wales and the Northwest of England’